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Worried about your roof?

Recent storm activity in parts of our city has caused significant damage to property including roofs and gutters. If you are concerned or know that your roof has been damaged, call or email us to arrange a free quote. Corey is a Haag certified residential roof inspector well qualified to assess any damage.  

Have a look at our video to see what a great change a new roof can make to your home.

Old to New

Your roof is an investment that should protect your home for many years to come and that’s why a free quote from Bricor Roofing is more than just a quick drive-by.  We take the time to meet with homeowners in person so that we can collect the necessary information to provide you with the best roof for your home and budget.  In order to answer all your questions about your roof and prepare an accurate quote, we do a complete inspection while we are measuring your roof.

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